STF team nabbed Home Guard Jawan for supplying heroin to addicts - ਇਕ ਸੋਚ
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STF team nabbed Home Guard Jawan for supplying heroin to addicts



STF team nabbed Home Guard Jawan for supplying heroin to addicts

Ferozepur, July 13, 2020:  The sleuths of Special Task Force – STF team headed by Jaswinder Singh, Inspector has nabbed one Homeguard jawan working as drug peddler from near Govt. School Lakho Ke Behram.

On the complaint of Jaswinder Singh, Incharge STF, a case under Section 21, 61, 85 of NDPS Act at Lakho Ke Behram police station.  The accused has been identified as Gurpreet Singh alias Gopi resident of village Saide Ke falling under Sadiq police station of Faridkot district.

Charanjit Singh Divisional Commandant, Home Guard confirmed the arrest of the official.  Wakeel Singh, District Commandant when contacted said that Gurpreet Singh is working in Border Wing of Home Guard and departmental action will be initiated as soon as the official report is received.

Divulging with the details, Jaswinder Singh, Incharge STF said, during patrolling of the STF team to keep an eye on the suspicious nature persons near village Kari Kalan, a tip-off was received that Gurpreet Singh working in Home Guard and is on duty at Lakho Ke Behram.  He is doing the business of sale of heroin to addicts and presently waiting for the customers outside the Government School Lako Ke Behram.

Working on the input information, the accused  Gurpreet Singh working in Home Guard, 50 plus, having around 25 years service, was nabbed and 6.50 gm heroin was recovered from his possession, he said.

He further said, Gurpreet Singh will be produced in the court to get remand and further investigation.  He further said, the in-depth investigation will be carried out with a special focus on his previous history and links with the suppliers.  More clues are expected to come on the surface during the course of further examination of the case.

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Here are the new changes in the latest IPL 2021



ipl update

The Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL, is back for the 14th edition. With only a few days for the innings to start, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) made announcements regarding some changes in the rules. Here is the IPL News about some top changes that you will encounter while watching the matches.

  • The change in innings length

There are many changes in the innings length in IPL this time. According to IPL 2021 latest news, there are strict guidelines to finish a team’s bowling innings in 90 minutes. Additionally, the innings time would include five minutes of strategic time-out. In the final analysis, an innings would only last for 85 minutes. If not, the match will finish as per the bowling overs within the innings time.

  • One hour match extension

Furthermore, the board made the decision to extend the match for only an hour after the designated ending timing. As in the last IPL, when a match ended in a tie, even in the super over, it resulted in another super over. This time, according to BCCI’s new rules as per IPL news, the super over must finish within an hour of a tied match. Again if the winner is still not decided, both teams will participate in claiming one point each. Hence, such regulations are made to not extend the match beyond its pre-specified timing.

  • The short-run will be monitored via the third umpire

The trending IPL news about the new changes in IPL would be the third umpire’s increasing rights. According to the Laws of Cricket, a short run is that when one or both batsmen fail to cross the crease in turning for a further run. Earlier the monitoring of short-run was the duty of the on-field umpire. But due to the controversy in IPL 2020 regarding such issues, this time, the third umpire will monitor them.

  • Changes in soft signal

This change is the most trending IPL news. In earlier IPL matches, if the third umpire is unable to make a decision, the on-field umpire makes the final decision. The soft signal is, when an on-field umpire leaves a decision to the third umpire, he’s not liable to report their decision. Because of so many controversies regarding this decision, the rule has been altered. With the new regulations from BCCI, the on-field umpire’s soft signal is now scrapped. According to new rules, the third umpire will have the right to change the on-field umpire’s decision.

  • The no-balls decision

According to the IPL 2021 latest news, there is another rule added in the IPL guidelines. The new guideline says the third umpire can nullify the no-ball decision made by the on-field umpire. Again this rule is to reduce the appearance of human errors. In earlier IPL matches, the third-umpire had no right to interfere in on-field no-ball calls. But this time, the third umpire is empowered to finalize many decisions.

  • Changes in team names

With the start-up new IPL, you can find many teams that have undergone modification of their team names. As the Punjabi sports News says, the Punjab team changed their team name for a refreshed brand presence. Hence, the Kings XI Punjab is now Punjab Kings. Punjab team changed their team name for the first time in IPL history.

  • Players in and out

Viewers will encounter many players not participating in the matches for one or other reasons. As per the IPL 2021 latest news Shreyas Iyer, captain of the Delhi Capitals, would not play in IPL 2021. He is ruled out of the IPL 2021 because of a shoulder injury.  According to an online sports Punjabi newspaper, you will see Rishabh Pant as his replacement. Pant has led Delhi’s Ranji Trophy team that was consist of Gautam Gambir, Nitish Rana, Navdeep Saini, etc.

  • Design changes

According to the latest IPL news, the majority of the team have now new sponsors. Therefore, the viewers will come across new jerseys. There will be an overall change in design for Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings. The Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals are to go for an entirely fresh look. Chennai Super Kings will add camouflage shoulder strips in their jersey, giving tribute to the Indian Army.

  • Issues regarding injuries

On the report of online sports Punjabi newspaper Jofra Archer from Rajasthan Royals will not play some initial innings. Since the English player has suffered some injuries, he had surgery on his finger. Because of his absence, the team encountered many weakening bowling attacks before. But from the source of Punjabi sports News, Jofra is expected to return in the second of the IPL innings.

As you know, all the matches of  IPL 2021 will take place in six venues. They are Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad. According to the new rules of BCCI, no team will play any matches at their home venue.

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Uttar Pradesh Police leaves from Banda to bring back Mukhtar Ansari from Punjab.



Mukhtar Ansari UP Jail Transfered Update: A unit of Uttar Pradesh Police moves from Banda to bring back gangster-turned-politician Shri Mukhtar Ansari from Mohali (Rupnagar) Jail in Punjab.

Mukhtar Ansari latest News Headlines

Almost seven vehicles of the UP Police arrived at the Rupnagar Police Lines around 4:30 am to take the custody of BSP MLA Mukhtar Ansari from Ropar Jail. 

The Police Lines is about 4 kilometers distant from the Rupnagar jail, where Mukhtar Ansari has been caught since January 2019 in association with a corruption case.

Punjab’s home department, in a note, had asked the UP government to get his custody from the Rupnagar jail on or before 8th April 2021.

It had drafted to the Uttar Pradesh new chief secretary (home) following a 26th March SC order that had directed the Punjab government to shift Mukhtar Ansari to UP’s Banda jail in 2 weeks from the Rupnagar jail.

Delivering the order on 26th March, the Supreme Court had also seen that Mukhtar Ansari was supposedly involved in many cases of attempt to murder, murder, cheating, and conspiracy aside from attacks under the Gangsters Act, lodged in Uttar Pradesh and 10 of these cases are at various stages of the trial.

In the note, the Punjab home department asked the Uttar Pradesh new chief secretary (home) for proper arrangements for Ansari”s transfer. “The said handover is to be made at district jail Rupnagar on/before 8th April,” the letter said.

It also stated that Mukhtar Ansari suffered from certain medical situations, and the same may be kept in mind while making arrangements for his transfer.

The Supreme Court had ordered the Punjab government to hand over the custody of Mukhtar Ansari to the Uttar Pradesh police, stating it was being rejected on trivial grounds under the appearance of medical problems.

It had also stated that a criminal or an under-trial prisoner, who violates the law of the country, cannot defend his transfer from one jail to another, and the courts are not to be helpless spectators when the rule of law is being challenged with impunity.

The UP Police has stated that Mukhtar Ansari faces 52 cases in UP and elsewhere, and 15 are in the trial stage.

Who is Mukhtar Ansari?

Mukhtar Ansari is a politician and Gangsters of Uttar Pradesh. He has been selected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly from the Mau constituency a record five times in Bahujan samaj party candidate. Now, he has become a prime figure for Uttar Pradesh’s Banda Jail. He is to be shifted from Punjab’s Rupnagar (Mohali) jail before 8th April 2021 on the orders of the SC.

Cases against Mukhtar Ansari

Ansari has 38 cases lodged against him at Ghazipur police station in UP and Lucknow, and Mau. He is also accused of killing BJP MLA Krishna Nanda Rai, whose spouse and BJP MLA Alka Rai recently wrote in a note to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, blaming the Congress party in Punjab of helping Ansari evade court procedures.

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Ansari is currently lodged in the Ropar jail, Punjab. He has been booked under extortion (Section 386) and criminal intimidation (Section 506) on the complaint of the CEO of Homeland Group, who had claimed that he received a call from a person who introduced himself as “ some Ansari from UP” and demanded ten crores if he did not want his family to suffer.

Mukhtar Ansari was allegedly linked in many attempts to murder, murder, cheating, and conspiracy aside from offenses under the Gangsters Act, lodged in Uttar Pradesh, and 10 of these cases are at various stages of the trial.

Why Punjab Govt was not ready to transfer him:

The Punjab govt was not ready to transfer him to UP, saying that his health situation does not enable him to travel. It was considered that he is suffering from back pain and a high level of sugar. The department stated that they are bound to follow the advice of the medical team.

In conclusion, this is Mukhtar Ansari News in Punjabi. If you want to update yourself with the daily trending and latest news in Punjabi, you can bookmark

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Have an Amazing Experience of Listening to Music using Apple HomePod



apple homepad

Bring a new musical experience to your home with Apple HomePod. This device is a high-performance wireless speaker, which can be controlled by voice. The HomePod has its other secondary smart features that you can access by pairing it with an iCloud ID. iCloud ID is a free account that can access many of apple’s services. You have to set up the HomePod using a compatible iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod, etc.  

By using an Apple Music subscription, you can enjoy music that is not present in your personal music library. The HomePod’s high-fidelity audio can help you to carry out everyday tasks with Siri. With Siri, you can control your smart home and set up multiroom audio and send intercom messages to every room.

How the Apple HomePod works?

After setting up the Apple HomePod, you can completely control it by your voice. You can make a request or a command by initiating your sentence by saying, “Hey Siri.” The top of the HomePod is glossy plastic with a light color. The color changes when Siri is performing a command or triggered by a command. You can up the volume and down it with some basic touch controls with a system of taps. With one tap, you can play or pause. With two taps, you can skip, and with three taps, you can go back to the previous track on a tracklist.  

The music services HomePod supports

Apple HomePod supports one in-built streaming music service, i.e., Apple Music, and it also includes Beats 1 Radio. Thus, you can play music by commanding with Siri from only Apple Music and Beats 1. You can access both the music platforms via an iPhone or any other iOS device.

However, there are several more Apple-related music sources that you can use through HomePod. You can access all of the music you once have bought from the iTunes Store, iCloud Music Library. You can add all those music to the Apple HomePod through iTunes Match and the Apple Podcasts app.  

AirPlay is a popular Apple wireless audio and video platform for streaming music platform from one device to another.  The Apple HomePod can support AirPlay too. Any other music service app that AirPlay supports, you use them with HomePod also. For example, if you want to connect Spotify to the HomePod to play music, do that via AirPlay. However, you would not be able to command Siri to control Spotify. Your HomePod can communicate with other HomePods by using AirPlay.

The Apple HomePod supports Bluetooth, but not for streaming music. You can be able to send music through the AirPlay to play music.  You can connect your Bluetooth to all other kinds of wireless communication except for audio streaming.  

How is Apple HomePod good for Music Playback?

The HomePod is specially manufactured for streaming music with versatility. The hardware and software both in the device build and powered for an amazing musical experience.  The HomePod is made with a combination of speakers and six built-in microphones. This structuring enables the Apple HomePod to detect the shape of your room and the different placement of your furniture.  Through this detection, the HomePod can automatically gauge itself to convey optimal music playback for the room.

All the apple fans, it’s your time to experience the audio and functionality of this high-quality wireless speaker.


  1. What can Apple HomePod do?

Apple HomePod is a high-quality wireless speaker designed to enjoy music in an authentic way. The HomePod model is able to play music and perform as per your request or command. You can initiate the command with “Hey Siri” to state your request. The HomePod can tell you about the track it’s playing. It can set your timers for you on a various apple or other smart devices.  It can search and relay information from the web for you. You can ask the HomePod to read your text messages, set calendar appointments, and much more.

  1. Is Apple HomePod Better than Google home?

Apple HomePod is primarily engineered to use it for experiencing music in a new way. The HomePod models also access other audio playback audios except for its in-built music platforms. But when it comes to Google Assistant, it’s rather smart than Siri. HomePod works as a high-definition speaker in the matter of the audio play. But Google Home would be more versatile with a lot more features as a smart speaker.

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